Banner – PMF0101

1) Find image from internet and download it.

526747 bnn12 eCoupled-logo-large eSpring-filter-za-vodo_56143d3430533 GBL_ESP_CREDENTIALS_T3_IMG_1 GBL_ESP_WN_IMG_1 unnamed (1) water_drop water-boy-620x349

2) Make a canvas with size 1200 x 900.

Screenshot (1)

3)The new canvas will replace with a caribbean sea wall paper as the background.


4)Firstly, i add the espring Internal structure to the background and it is added with white drop shadow .After that, i add the espring with white drop shadow and put it next to the espring internal structure.(each image have their own layer)GG

5) i will add a water drop to in front of the espring.(added effect white drop shadow)



6) After that, i added the eSpring logo on the top left. The eSpring logo has applied gradient linear.


7)After that, i added the eSpring NSF logo, water quality logo, world #1 logo and ecoupled logo on the bottom right of the background.The world #1 logo and ecoupled logo have applied while drop shadow effect.(each logo has their own layer)


8)Next, i added a kid with drinking water. It is applied gradient effect.(gradient linear)


9) After that, i added some information and advantage of eSpring.For each information and advantage have applied shapes with ellipse and colour with light blue.


10)The text ” #The best water resource” is put on top right.It used candare font with font size 40 and added shadow drop with light blue.GG5

11)This is the final result.


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