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insta-logoInstagram is a fast,beautiful and fun way to share your photos with friends and family mobile photo sharing and social networking service that enables its users to take pictures and video,and share them either publicly or privately on app,as well as through a variety of other social networking platforms,such as Facebook,Twitter,Tumblr and etc.Instagram is the most valuable photo company sells no cameras.Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger is the founder of Instagram.Instagram launch in October 2010 as a mobile app.On April 2012 Instagram acquired by Facebook.

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This is how its look like Instagram on a webpage.


This is how Instagram looks like.This is what your profile look like,you will got your followers and who you are following will show on the top.This is similar with Twitter got own followers and the following just Twitter is tweets Instagram is post.


On Instagram you also can inbox people is called Insta Message.

uploadr-800x704You can also click the explore icon at the bottom there to explore some other post.


Instagram also provide filters for users before the photo are posted.


Instagram encourages sharing of photographs, experiences and interaction amongst users. The use of hashtags within the application allows pictures to be tagged with metadata and encourages users with similar interests and photographs to discover each other. Additionally, the ability to share photos on other social media platforms provides a broader audience to collaborate with.



On Instagram you can also check-in for your post,when people search about the place at Instagram your post will on the check-in page also,so that is a way of let more and more people know that how many people been there and post the check-in.You can see that on the picture,you can share your photo to Facebook,Twitter,Tumblr and etc while you are posting the photo on Instagram,you can post at other platform of social networking at the same time.

Advantages of Instagram

  • Current social media darling
  • Great for visual content
  • Instant sharing
  • Filters add appeal
  • Very easy

Disadvantages of Instagram

  • Your demographic
  • Mobile based
  • Not for every company
  • Cumbersome to transfer images
  • No hyperlinks

From my point of view,Instagram is a platform that for us to share our photo and video,but the video got the limitation of the duration.I really like to use Instagram to upload my photo,indeed my Instagram got a lot of post around more than 1000+ photo on my personal Instagram.We can see more and more different angel of the photo and amazing photo from other users,the hashtags can help you search other common photo,by searching the photo you can get a lot of different type photo that information you want to know.

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