Week 9 – Class Activity

During this class, there were only submission on our Floor Plan and Artist Impression.

Fortunately both of my group mates attended to class during the submission and brought everything we need.

Initially, I explained to the lectures, Madam Joyce and Mr. Nazri, on our theme & concept specifically and there was nothing wrong with it. Then, we showed them our Exhibition Profile. They both satisfied with it at first but then Madam Joyce asked us to provide the brand on each of our booth activities. Also, she asked to placed our full-opacity brand logo on the top-right corner of our A3 paper.

After that, we showed them our Floor Plan. Same goes to our Exhibition Profile, they asked to placed our full-opacity brand logo on the top-right corner of our A3 paper. They also asked us to fix our measurement because it makes no sense. Mostly about it, everything was fine.

Finally, we showed our Artist Impression to Madam Joyce and Mr. Nazri. Honestly, both of the lecturers were not satisfied. The scale and proportion are totally out of scale. They said it didn’t seem like from the floor plan. They gave us 2 options on how to fix it; (a) we have to draw by using our hands (pencils and marker rendered) (b) we could do everything on 3D, screenshot some angles, trace on A3 paper and marker rendered.

Week 8 – Working Progress

This week, my group mates and I decided to do our tasks together at the library.

We re-do our Exhibition Profile which we have 6 activities so we decided to divide our work where each person has to do 2 activities. We’re using Adobe Illustrator (Ai).

Screen Shot 2016-01-13 at 00.30.31

Picture above shows our Exhibition Profile

We also discuss together on our floor plan.

Screen Shot 2016-01-13 at 00.30.20

Picture above shows our Floor Plan

Week 8 – Class Activity

Today, Mr Nazri was giving a lecture about 3D Modelling. Mostly he did some basic demonstration on how to model a 3D object and he used 3D Max. He also asked some questions afterwards but no one really answered him at first. Then, he told us that we will received certain marks if we get to answer CORRECTLY on the question he asked. It was very predictable for me that no one will answer his questions correctly, even the students who had learnt 3D Modelling subject before. He also did some demonstration on a group work’s work which they volunteered in class. He only did the entrance but it was already awesome. The work he did for them was about 30% done. Wow, just wow.

After he finished his lecture, we were having a consultation session. My group consulted with Mr. Nazri about our floor plan.

P/s: I had posted some floor plans that we did on my previous post in week 7.

We had expected that he would choose Pian’s floor plan and he did.

After that, he asked us what is our concept and theme. On behalf of my group, I’ve told him that we’re doing:-

Concept : urban/modern style

Theme : anniversary

He didn’t quite catch up and my group had lost our direction. We’ve been told to think a bit more on our concept.

Week 7 – Working Progress

My group mates and I planned a meeting at MMU library to discuss about our floor plan.

I have come up with a plan as shown below



Picture above shows Floor Plan Idea #1

I have also come out with a plan as shown below


Picture above shows Floor Plan Idea #2

Sit has come up with a plan as shown below


Picture above shows Floor Plan Idea #3

Pian has come up with a plan as shown below


Picture above shows Floor Plan #4

We also have discussed about our exhibition profile but we did not choose one yet. One of my group mates has enhanced the exhibition profile but we’ll have our further decision later.

Week 6 – Online Class

There’ll be no class for this week but Madam Joyce told to all students in her class that we can consult with her online. Also, we have to download all the notes that she’ll be uploading on MMLS.

I did not consult anything to madam because I was busy in Singapore for the whole week with my family. My schedule was packed while I was there. I did not get to do any work because it was very tiring.

However, I have downloaded the notes when I got back from the trip.

Week 5 – Working Progress

My group mates and I came up with our sketches and exhibition profile. We showed our progress to Madam Joyce for this week and she said that we need to enhance a bit more with our exhibition profile and our activities. We’ve decided some activities and they are the interactive section, barista show, mini concert, photo booth section, fun & games section and also “make your own mug” section. There’s one activity that had been rejected by madam which is the dining section.

Madam Joyce was not really satisfied with our exhibition profile and told us to lighten up a bit more on the background. She suggested to add the brand design and colour to it. Also, for our activities, we have to make our activities more specific such as the reason we did we choose them.

I’ve told Madam Joyce that we thought of doing a photo booth section to attract people in our exhibition and if the people/customers had participate, they will received a 10% voucher or even a discount card to thank and appreciate the customers for their support.

Week 4 – What is Universal Design?

Universal Design makes things safer, easier and more convenient for everyone.

Universal Design involves designing products and spaces so that they can be used by the widest range of people possible. Universal Design evolved from Accessible Design, a design process that addresses the needs of people with disabilities. Universal Design goes further by recognizing that there is a wide spectrum of human abilities. Everyone, even the most able-bodied person, passes through childhood, periods of temporary illness, injury and old age. By designing for this human diversity, we can create things that will be easier for all people to use.


Picture above shows the simplify explanation of universal design

Picture from imagineerremodeling.com

Who Does Universal Design Benefit?

Universal Design takes into account the full range of human diversity, including physical, perceptual and cognitive abilities, as well as different body sizes and shapes. By designing for this diversity, we can create things that are more functional and more user-friendly for everyone. For instance, curb cuts at sidewalks were initially designed for people who use wheelchairs, but they are now also used by pedestrians with strollers or rolling luggage. Curb cuts have added functionality to sidewalks that we can all benefit from.


Picture above shows 7 principles of Universal Design

Picture from wendysmithre.com

Research : http://www.universaldesign.com/about-universal-design.html


Week 4 – Class Activity

For this week class, my group mates and I have consulted with Madam Joyce in class about what we’re doing but I forgot to tell her that we’ll be doing our project most likely a concept store.

I’ve shown her the things that we have researched on a paper in class earlier.

After the consultation, my group mates and I had a discussion in class of what we supposed to do since we’re going to be showing our sketches later. I thought of dividing our work but I’m not sure just yet at the moment. After that, we decided to come up with our own small activities and sketch whichever theme we prefer to do. After we had so many options, we’ll choose the 5 best with different activities and proceed with our Exhibition Profile.

Also, not forget to mention what we did in class, actually we had a surprise activity which is a presentation about Guerrilla Marketing (we have been asked to do some research about this and the lecturers want to know if we actually understand what Guerrilla Marketing works). So, they have chosen a brand, Kitkat, and we have to combine with 2 groups to work with. Each group have to come up with at least 1 type of Guerrilla Marketing in 30 mins and present in front of the class.

For my group, we came up with a lot of different ideas such as at a bus stop, on a lorry, etc. At last, we chose 1 out of all of the ideas which is we were doing our Guerrilla Marketing at LRT station.


Picture above shows our Guerrilla Marketing at LRT station

As you can see on the above picture, we planned on placing a Kitkat’s cover and a breaking Kitkat on the door so that it’ll have some kind of illusion of the breaking Kitkat when the door is open. Another method is we’ll put the famous Kitkat tagline “Have a break, have a Kitkat” placing at front and body of the LRT. Not forget to mention our ambassador of Kitkat who is eg. Zizan. Last but not least, we planned on making the chair near the train, where people wait for the train, looking like a Kitkat bar. It’ll be in the centre of attention and people will initially be attracted to the waiting chair.