Week 5 – Working Progress

My group mates and I came up with our sketches and exhibition profile. We showed our progress to Madam Joyce for this week and she said that we need to enhance a bit more with our exhibition profile and our activities. We’ve decided some activities and they are the interactive section, barista show, mini concert, photo booth section, fun & games section and also “make your own mug” section. There’s one activity that had been rejected by madam which is the dining section.

Madam Joyce was not really satisfied with our exhibition profile and told us to lighten up a bit more on the background. She suggested to add the brand design and colour to it. Also, for our activities, we have to make our activities more specific such as the reason we did we choose them.

I’ve told Madam Joyce that we thought of┬ádoing a photo booth section to attract people in our exhibition and if the people/customers had participate, they will received a 10% voucher or even a discount card to thank and appreciate the customers for their support.

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