Week 4 – Class Activity

For this week class, my group mates and I have consulted with Madam Joyce in class about what we’re doing but I forgot to tell her that we’ll be doing our project most likely a concept store.

I’ve shown her the things that we have researched on a paper in class earlier.

After the consultation, my group mates and I had a discussion in class of what we supposed to do since we’re going to be showing our sketches later. I thought of dividing our work but I’m not sure just yet at the moment. After that, we decided to come up with our own small activities and sketch whichever theme we prefer to do. After we had so many options, we’ll choose the 5 best with different activities and proceed with our Exhibition Profile.

Also, not forget to mention what we did in class, actually we had a surprise activity which is a presentation about Guerrilla Marketing (we have been asked to do some research about this and the lecturers want to know if we actually understand what Guerrilla Marketing works). So, they have chosen a brand, Kitkat, and we have to combine with 2 groups to work with. Each group have to come up with at least 1 type of Guerrilla Marketing in 30 mins and present in front of the class.

For my group, we came up with a lot of different ideas such as at a bus stop, on a lorry, etc. At last, we chose 1 out of all of the ideas which is we were doing our Guerrilla Marketing at LRT station.


Picture above shows our Guerrilla Marketing at LRT station

As you can see on the above picture, we planned on placing a Kitkat’s cover and a breaking Kitkat on the door so that it’ll have some kind of illusion of the breaking Kitkat when the door is open. Another method is we’ll put the famous Kitkat tagline “Have a break, have a Kitkat” placing at front and body of the LRT. Not forget to mention our ambassador of Kitkat who is eg. Zizan. Last but not least, we planned on making the chair near the train, where people wait for the train, looking like a Kitkat bar. It’ll be in the centre of attention and people will initially be attracted to the waiting chair.

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