Colour and Light Studies

For the lighting of the environment, I decided to do a warm daylight lighting.

Colour palatte

Warm colour palatte

Kitchen Lighting Reference

Kitchen Lighting Reference

In trying to achieve that, I referred to these tutorials from basic to advanced to learn how to set up lighting in 3ds max while learning the difference between photometric and such:

I also read some articles to learn about 3ds max lighting options even further. Such as this, Adding Daylight Illumination Autodesk tutorial3DS MAX AND VRAY TUTORIAL: BASIC DAYLIGHT INTERIOR VISUALIZATION FOR BEGINNERS – RENDER LIKE A PHOTOGRAPHER, and 12 Useful 3DS Max Lighting Tutorials You Should Learn to learn about how to set up the light as well as this article Intensity/Attenuation/Color Rollout Autodesk Tutorial to learn about how to set the appearance of the light.

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